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Whether it was worn-out paperbacks, video games, movies, or backyard fantasies, my friends Jack and Matthew and I grew up on stories. They tended to involve heroes and villains, battles for the fate of the world, and badass one-liners. And if we ourselves couldn't grow up to make things explode with a punch, the next best thing was to be storytellers ourselves.

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As adults, we've all expanded our horizons but held onto a love for the stories at our roots. Jack loves them so much he published the Tales from the Gas Station novels. Over the years, we've collaborated on stories that mix our love for good old genre fiction, with all its tropes and traditions, with our loves for history, language, theater, and messing with tradition.

The result is The Snake's Paw, a fiction podcast featuring narrated stories, fully developed audio dramas, pitches for ideas that would never stand a chance in the real world, and conversations about storytelling.