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Growing up in small-town Louisiana, New Orleans was That City Down the River - part eccentric neighbor, part cautionary tale, easy to judge, hard to understand. Since moving here in 2004, I've learned enough of its stories to understand one fundamental thing: it's a place where great hardship and great joy have always lived side by side, and in that way, I think it's a place we can all learn from.


I've created a series of New Orleans audio tours for Free Tours by Foot, including the French Quarter, the Garden District, Lafayette Cemetery #1 (temporarily closed to the public), the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar route, sites related to Hurricane Katrina, and sites connected to music and art. The company also offers audio tours of many cities around the world, and you may hear my voice in a few others.

In Person

For several years I've led tours in New Orleans through Free Tours by Foot, a pay-what-you-will tour company. My in-person tours are sporadic these days, but I can heartily recommend my colleagues there, and there's a chance we'd cross paths.


In partnership with my colleagues at Free Tours by Foot New Orleans, I've put together a YouTube channel showing many parts of New Orleans. If you're planning a trip, they can help you find ideas, or if you're just fantasizing, they can help immerse you in the feeling of being here. New videos every few weeks; subscribe via YouTube for updates.

Free Tours by Foot

Free Tours by Foot

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